Whole House Generator Installation

Whole House Generator Installation Air Tech

Air Tech offers reliable whole house generator installation to residents and businesses in LBI and throughout Ocean County, NJ. Since 1999, the Air Tech experts have provided top-notch customer service and always guarantee your needs will be met, down to the last detail. Regardless if it’s your home or business, we’re the generator installation company that LBI and Ocean County relies on.

Why Do You Need a Whole House Generator?

New Jersey has its fair share of extreme weather. Between blizzards, nor’easters, hurricanes and coastal flooding, NJ’s weather is something that just can’t be controlled (or even predicted). Unfortunately, these big storms can cause power outages lasting for days or even longer. That’s why more NJ homeowners are choosing to protect themselves with a permanent whole house generator installation.  

Are you storm ready?

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Benefits of Whole House Generator Installation

Unexpected power outage become a thing of the past when you have a whole house generator. By providing continuous power during weather emergencies, keeping your house going is one thing you won’t need to worry about.

With so much of our lives relying on electricity, backup generators allow you to run vital appliances such as the air conditioner, heater, sump pump, refrigerator, lights, etc., even when power lines are down.

This fast, automatic delivery of power not only allows NJ homeowners and families to maintain comfort, but also safety during an emergency. It can also protect the home from dangerous voltage surges when the power comes back on.  

Your phones can stay charged. Your food will stay frozen. Medical devices will still work. Your oven will still heat up. You might even end up with a few unexpected visitors from the neighborhood.

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Common Questions About Whole House Generator Installation

What size of generator do I need for my home or small business?

The size of your whole house generator will depend on how much will need to be powered up in the event that your electricity goes out. Size, as it refers to generators, references the electrical capacity, rather than its physical size. Since every residence and small business is different, our experts will help you determine the right size generator for your needs.

For example, if you are a business with a lot of refrigeration needs, your generator will be larger than a private home of the same size.

Does a whole house generator require maintenance?

Just like other equipment, generators should receive annual maintenance to ensure it will work when you need it and prevent future breakdowns. With proper maintenance and care, a quality generator can last upwards of 20 years. As a homeowner, it’s a good idea to do a test run of the generator on a monthly basis to avoid any surprises.

What is the difference between a standby generator and a whole house generator?

Standby generators are fine for powering smaller homes with a kilowatt range between 9kW to 20kW. Since they have smaller engines, they provide short-term power for specific appliances. They are not suited to power everything at once, back up a larger spaces or to run for an extended period of time.

A whole house generator, on the other hand, can range in capacity from 22kW to 48kW. Featuring larger, more powerful engines, it is better suited for larger spaces and longer run times. Installing a whole house generator powers your whole home, to bring you peace-of-mind in a stressful situation. Your property will be as close to fully functional during a power outage.

Does a whole house generator installation require a permit?

During your on-site visit, our experts will determine the specific needs of your home or small business, as well as any local permits that may be required before starting the installation project.

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