5 Signs You Need Water Heater Replacement

Posted 09/30/2019

water heater replacement Air TechTaking an unplanned cold shower is the worst. We’ve all experienced it. Too many people showering, resulting in the last person shivering their way through a rinse. Unfortunately, using up the hot water supply happens. It’s normal. What’s not normal is the temperature turning cold in as quickly as one shower. If this is happening, it could be a warning that it’s time for a water heater replacement. 

Think about it.

Have you ever checked the date on your hot water heater? We recommended that NJ homeowners replace their water heater every ten years, depending on the condition and maintenance history. 

5 Warning Signs Your NJ Home Needs a Water Heater Replacement

In addition to running out of hot water and old age, other warning signs you might need to replace your water heater include the presence of rusty water, strange noises and leaks. 

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1. Running Out Of Water Too Soon

One of the most common signs that you need a water heater replacement is a lack of hot water. Why does this happen? Over time, sediment can build up which takes up space and separates water from its heat source. 

If your shower turns cold before you’re done or barely heats enough water to enjoy a warm shower, the problem could also be due to a misadjusted thermostat, an undersized tank for your home or a heating element that needs repair.  Find out what the exact problem is by scheduling an appointment with a local plumber. 

2. Old Age

Look for the serial number on the manufacturer’s sticker on your water heater. Although it can vary, the first two numbers typically represent the year of your unit. (Always double check the manufacturer’s website for more information.) You may need to have your unit replaced if it is more than ten years old (and up to 15 years if it has been maintained well). 

3. Rusty Water

Rusty colored water may indicate rust inside your water heater. This can lead to major issues such as water contamination, leaks and holes. Here is one easy way to check if the rust is coming from your water heater. Fill a few five-gallon buckets with water from your bathtub. If the rust only comes out when you turn on the hot water, this could indicate that you need a hot water heater replacement. 

4. Strange Sounds

From rumbling to banging, strange sounds can be a sign of sediment build-up on the bottom of your tank. Every time the sediment is heated and reheated, it can harden. This wastes energy by increasing the strain and using more time to heat up the water. It can also accelerate damage leading to the formation of cracks.

Strange sounds caused by sediment build up indicate a possible future leak in your tank. Before the leak occurs, schedule a professional plumber to check out the water heater as soon as possible.

5. Leaks

Leaks are often the result of the metal expanding in the water heater tank. The fittings or connections to the tank could also be the culprit. Any fracture in your water heater should be taken seriously and addressed immediately. A small leak can quickly turn into a large mess and expensive damage to your home. 

If you notice a leak, call the Air Tech plumbers to inspect your unit and discuss options for water heater replacement or repair. 

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Water Heater Replacement, Maintenance and Repair Service in NJ

If you need water heater replacement or repair, we’re happy to help you understand your options. Whether you’re dealing with a lack of hot water, rusty water or leaks, our plumbers have the expertise to handle any problem, big or small. 

Water heater repair services are available 24/7 for emergency service calls, with competitive, flat-rate pricing and warranty-backed repairs.

Check out our service area to find a plumber near you.  As a local, family-owned company in Long Beach Island, we know the importance of quality customer service and dependability to our customers. That’s why we offer competitive, flat-rate pricing and warranty-backed repairs. 

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