Watch Out For These Common Water Heater Problems This Winter

Posted February 14, 2019

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Winter can be a stressful time of year for home appliances. You may not realize it, but many appliances get additional use during the cold months, which means more wear and tear…and potential problems. Your water heater is one of the most used appliances in your home. As an appliance most of us use daily, it’s already under a lot of stress… add in extra-long, hot showers in the cold NJ winter and it’s going to be put to the test. Let’s take a look at some of the most common water heater problems to watch out for this winter.

3 Common Water Heater Problems

I Don’t Have Enough Hot Water 

If your water heater shows signs of slowing down and is not putting out as much how water as it normally does, it could be due to a number of reasons. There’s a chance you could have simply exhausted the supply with too many hot, steamy showers. But if that’s not the case, it’s possible the burner assembly has malfunctioned and is insufficiently heating the water in your tank.

Alternatively, it could be due to sediment buildup on the bottom of your tank, which tends to insulate the water inside from the heat.

If you’re experiencing no hot water AT ALL, you might be facing an electrical problem.

As you can tell, there are many issues that could contribute to the drop in hot water output. To get a solid answer (and a fix for your problem), call for repairs as soon as you notice it.

I Have a Leaking Water Heater

Any leak, no matter how small, can be a threat to your water heater if it’s located in the wrong place. If the leak is occurring in the valve or circulator pump, for example, it could lead to major problems like a rupture. Leaks can be a common problem in older units and are definitely not something to ignore.

Call for water heater repair services as soon as you notice water leaking.

My Water Heater is So Noisy

A noisy water heater can be more than a nuisance. It could indicate a problem is present. As water heaters age, sediment tends to accumulate at the bottom (especially if it has not been drained regularly). The noise you’re hearing, usually described as “rumbling,” is likely due to the expansion of heated water escaping from sediment. Though not dangerous, it’s definitely a sign that the water heater is losing efficiency. The more sediment that builds up, the more potential for a bigger problem to develop.

Other strange sounds can come from your water heater, such as a high-pitched noise. This can be due to high water pressure. Long term exposure to high water pressure can lead to cracks, leaks and even a burst water heater.

Got a noisy water heater? Call for a checkup to find out and fix the root cause.

Contact Your Ocean County Hot Water Heater Company

Like all home appliances, maintenance is necessary to ensure the unit is running efficiently. It also helps identify any minor problems before they become bigger and more expensive problems. If your hot water heater is over 15 years old and experiencing problems, such as strange sounds, decrease in hot water or leaking, you should consider replacing the unit with a newer, more efficient model.

Find out more about common water heater problems on our blog, “Ask Your Hot Water Heater Repairman” and “Top 10 Questions People Ask Plumbers in LBI.”

Check out our service area and give the Air Tech hot water heater repairman a call at 609-494-1400 to find out more. Our Ship Bottom office is conveniently located on the Causeway, allowing for quick response time to customers’ needs throughout the Long Beach Island and Ocean County areas.

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